Potential Nasal Swab Test Could Predict Severe COVID

October 28, 2021
Medical personnel performing Covid nasal swap test

Dr. Jaquelin Dudley, LCID Associate Director, was recently interviewed for an article in the Daily Beast on a potential nasal swab test that could be developed to determine if COVID patients will need to be hospitalized. 

The article, published Oct. 20, 2021, looks at a recent study in EMBO Molecular Medicine regarding the discovery of Flower-lose (hFwe-Lose) proteins. These "fitness" proteins reside on the surface of certain cells that can be used to determine which COVID-19 patients may be at risk of a severe case of the disease. Scientists, led by researchers based at institutions in Europe, found the proteins by using a nasal swab test that could be utilized in the future to find the proteins at the same time someone is tested for COVID infection.

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