If you are interested in donating or would like more information about giving to the LaMontagne Center for Infectious Disease at The University of Texas at Austin, please contact us. To donate online, please use the Donate to LCID section to the right (or below on mobile).

Donations and endowments enable the LaMontagne Center to mature as a research center and sustain its operations. Distribution of these funds allow the LaMontagne Center to act upon new opportunities such as offering competitive fellowships to recruit talented postdoctoral fellows doing cutting edge research, providing seed grants for LaMontagne Center investigators to initiate new research projects, and maintaining state of the art core research facilities.

By supporting the LaMontagne Center for Infectious Disease, you can impact the future of disease research. Your donation will play a role in the development of new treatments, infectious disease prevention and future infection predictions. The research that your donation supports at the LaMontagne Center will revolutionize health practices for many deadly diseases.

Infectious diseases represent a leading cause of mortality worldwide. Understanding the biological principles that underlie the mechanisms by which infectious agents adapt to, and undermine the defense mechanisms of, a host organism is critical for the development of therapeutic agents to fight disease. An understanding of the evolution of both the pathogens and the host immune response to pathogens is also necessary because an infectious agent, its host, and the drugs and vaccines used for treatment, make up a dynamic, interacting complex that is continually co-evolving. The University of Texas at Austin has strength in several areas of biology, chemistry, pharmaceutics, and engineering that make it uniquely poised for national prominence in infectious disease research.

Infectious Disease is a leading cause of death worldwide

Data from World Health Organization (WHO)

data from world health organization WHO