Dr. Maria Croyle Receives Best Paper Award from the University Co-op Research Excellence Awards

November 4, 2022
Dr. Maria Croyle

Dr. Maria Croyle, LCID Faculty Member and Molecular Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Glaxo Wellcome Professor in the College of Pharmacy, recently received the Best Research Paper Award from the University Co-op as part of its Research Excellence Awards. 

The Best Paper Award recognizes extraordinary achievement by a faculty member or staff researcher who was the principal or sole author of a peer-reviewed scholarly paper reporting original research that was published between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2021.

Dr. Croyle’s paper, published in Science Advances, Vol 6, Issue 10 is entitled, “Novel technology for storage and distribution of live vaccines and other biological medicines at ambient temperature.” This paper presents a novel, thin-film platform that preserves live viruses, bacteria, antibodies, and enzymes without refrigeration for extended periods of time. This work introduces the possibility of improving global access to a variety of vaccines and medicines by offering a technology capable of reducing costs of production, distribution, and supply chain maintenance. 

The University Co-Op Research Excellence Awards program recognizes the outstanding work of UT-Austin faculty and research staff by presenting three annual awards - Career Award, Best Paper Award, and Creative Research Award. These awards are among the most prominent symbols of peer recognition at The University, rewarding career-long accomplishments, scientific research output, creative research and artistic endeavors.